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We are happy to provide you with an excellent selection of genealogical services and "how-to books" that we recommend to researchers along with other miscellaneous genealogical supplies.

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In this store you will find easy to read books arranged by region that have been written by long-time professional researchers, lecturers and family historians on a variety of subjects you may wish to deal with during your hobby of finding ancestors. Though we do not intend our store to be a major supplier of book collections, we do believe that what we have listed represent some of the best reference books on the market for many of the areas presented. This is an evolving project and new titles are constantly being added so always be sure to check this site on a regular basis.

Courses for New Family Tree Researchers

Many of you are new to genealogy and want to undertake the research yourself rather than hire a professional firm like this one to do your investigations.  This is always something we would all encourage as only you know the intricacies of your family history.  Therefore, in partnership with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (NIGS) we also encourage you to undertake course work in the field, particularly, if you want that head-start over others and avoid some of the pitfalls that we all fall into as beginners.  Consider enrolling in the excellent course programs offered mail or online through NIGS in conjunction with the University of Toronto. 

At present they offer a multitude of course programs in a myriad of disciplines. To support the needs of both amateur family historians and aspiring professional genealogists for reliable and comprehensive education they have designed a series of courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Electives) leading to various Certificates in Genealogical Studies with specialization in various countries.  Refer to the website of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies for a full introduction into what they offer, a complete course list and an ongoing program schedule.

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