Professional Genealogist Testimonials

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" As a Scottish genealogist whose specialism is looking for missing emigrant beneficiaries, I often ask GEN-FIND for assistance in North American searches, some involving people (or their issue) who have emigrated over a century ago.  From Scotland, even utilizing all Web resources, I regularly cannot trace individuals swallowed up in the cities of Canada and USA.  GEN-FIND has completed amazing work for me in this field, showing a 100% success record - like the RCMP, they always get their man!  Highly recommended for friendliness, personal attention and effectiveness! "
R. Drummond (Cupar, Scotland, UK)
Forensic/Estate Cases
" Repeatedly, you and your firm have provided the most excellent results in tracing the heirs and we commend you for your diligence in resolving what we knew would be a difficult case this time! "
Name withheld (London, England, UK)
" Our firm has an entire roster filled with agents who conduct research work for us, however I must confess that I do not know any that have the knowledge and results that you bring to the field. ...What amazing results you continually provide us with! "
Name withheld (Dundee, Scotland, UK)
" You did some wonderful searches for us and we are most pleased with the results.  We will happy call upon your firm again with our next Canadian heir case. "
Name withheld (Sacramento, CA, USA)
" Thank you for completing the search of our immigrating heir on such little information!  We knew he went to the US from Glasgow but that was it.  We can now contact the heir and complete our probate process on this estate. "
Name withheld (Dundee, Scotland, UK)
Family History & Publishing Cases
" Your firm is amazing  - How you found me and my family is unbelievable!  I thought that we were completely untraceable but little did I know... "
J. Brady (Framingham, MA, USA)
" ... I can’t believe the wonderful family lineage charts that you have provided us and at a fraction of the cost of what another company was going to do for us... Much appreciated! "
Mrs. L. Earl (Elko, BC, Canada)
" Thank you for finding my great-grandparents and my long lost second-cousin, Albert!  It has meant the world to me and finally after so many years we can reconnect on our families and our past.  Gen-Find has done a fantastic job for me and I would recommend your firm to anyone! "
M. Leidlich (FL, USA)
" I knew, of course, that I was adopted in Canada, though being raised in the US I felt always disconnected from my past.  It was great to learn where I originated from and the fact that you have found my mother and collateral family members.  I am hoping to contact them and learn more about my biological family.  Thank you, GEN-FIND, for such a superb job! "
J. Glasser (La Crosse, WI, USA)
" ... we gave you so little information to work from but you provided a miracle!!  Amazing results on finding my native and Métis ancestry... "
Mrs. C. Jopie (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
" What a fabulous manuscript and published book you provided my family on our ancestry!  You were organized, undertake the research we wanted, found great results and knew how to complete the assignment from beginning to end without difficult and added expense.  We are very indebted... "
W. McCain (Toronto, ON, Canada)
" Our office thanks you for the great job in locating biological family members for our convicted legal client, Mr. Robert XXXX, [name withheld] who, as you know, is on death row for murder.  Hopefully we can use your findings as a positive defense. "
State of Oregon (Eugene, OR, USA)
" We thank you for undertaking the research and the DNA tests to help prove or disprove my connection to the famous Patrick hockey family... "
F. Peachy (Somerset, MA, USA)
" Wow, little did I know that my dead sweet grandmother was an American and also a convicted felon, both in the US and in Canada!!  Further, that she spent multiple times in prison or running from the law... You guys did such a great job! "
J. Greene (Victoria, BC, Canada)
" I struggled for years to locate where in Ireland my ancestry was from and you did it in some sort of record time.  Derek and I both thank you for knowing more about my Irish ancestry, and it was a joyful bonus to be able to take it back seven generations! "
Mrs. N. Bresnahan (Biloxi, MS, USA)
" GEN-FIND - Thank you for finding my biological family!  Only a sister is still alive and we have connected though you and located some wonderful background information on my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I am forever indebted to your solid work... "
N. Barton (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)
Lectures & Seminar Planning
" We enjoyed your exceptionally organized and interesting talk... It was very informative and truly useful... "
Scottish Genealogy Society (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
" Amazing... what a wealth of information, sources and ideas. Clear, concise, informative. "
Alberta Family Histories Society (Calgary, AB, Canada)
" Excellent material with great presentations and notes! Hutchison has incredible techniques and suggestions for making a success out of your 20th Century Research! "
Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (Weyburn, SK, Canada)
" Mr. Hutchison displays the wealth of knowledge and research he has gathered in presenting his lecture material. If you want an in-depth well-researched presentation like we had, Brian provides it.  These were not lectures for the weak or those wanting to be entertained but for those who wanted to learn something meaningful and long-lasting. Thanks for such a great job at our conference! "
Portland Conference to the National Genealogical Society (NGS Conference Organizing Committee, Portland, OR, USA)