GEN-FIND is...
• Internationally recognized as an important part of a world-wide genealogical research agent network.
• A leading Canadian full-service firm of consulting genealogists, genealogical researchers, manuscript developers, and chartists. 
GEN-FIND has...
• Resolved both small and multi-million dollar estate cases.
• Extended lineages to resolve complex family history and adoption cases.
• Been successful on cases 95-97% of the time, over 25 years.
• Some of the lowest fees in the world for forensic, probate, and heir genealogical research, and for family history.
• International research capabilities which span five continents and go as far back as the 17th century.
• Extensive and flexible options for contractual arrangements, including a price guarantee.

GEN-FIND is the founder of the annual Brian W. Hutchison Genealogical Scholarship program. Take a look through our Ethics Policy and Privacy Policy.