Family Tree Search Internet Resources

Our Professional Genealogists have compiled here a list of online resources for your self-directed Family Tree Search. Browse resources by global region, find new genealogical directories to search, and access maps for cross referencing. Click a section below to start browsing!
Geographic Links
Africa – Provides links to online resources that provide information on genealogical research on the continent of Africa, African-American genealogy and undertaking genealogical research in South Africa.
Asia – Link provides reference to online resources for conducting genealogical research in various Asian countries with particular emphasis on the GEN-Web sites.
Australia/New Zealand – Provides some excellent links to Australia and New Zealand genealogical research via such record collections as assisted and convict immigration, census collections, GEN-Webs, place name gazetteers, marriage witness indexes, online BMD indexes, published obituaries and funeral notices, etc.
Canada – The link provides an excellent array of sub-links to a host of genealogically-related websites:  census online, the Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry, obituary and newspaper text online, Royal Canadian Legion obits, GEN-Web,  a multitude of general resources or every province, details on government offices/archives/libraries, links to specific genealogical/lineage societies, newspaper resources, history links, etc.
England – Link provides an array of online reference resources from surnames research, peerage, merchant seaman, registration offices, one name studies, military research, GEN-Webs, maps, census collections, and societies to name but a few of the resources, though every county is documented to varying degrees.
Europe – Provides very modest genealogical links on many of the countries in Europe with particular emphasis on the GEN-Web sites, online resources, Jewish and Mennonite research, and various genealogical societies worth consulting further.
Ireland – The link provides online reference links to some very important Irish collections such as:  the Belfast Newsletter Index, Boston Pilot Advertisements, Clans of Ireland, transportation to Australia, emigration elsewhere, Freeholders records, Flax Seed Entitlements, Griffith’s Valuation, Title Applotment Books, GEN-Webs, maps, history, government offices/archives/libraries, genealogically-related societies. Also includes some important general resources such as:  place names and surname directories, newspapers online, details on Irish naming practices, guides to conducting Irish research, etc.
Latin America – A small collection of links regarding research into Latin American genealogy primarily centered on documenting the known GEN-Web sites.
Pacific Islands – A small collection of links regarding research into Pacific Island genealogy primarily centered on documenting the known GEN-Web sites for this region.
Scotland – Documents an extensive collection of Scottish county information, particularly GEN-Webs, government offices/archives/libraries, surname registries, history, census collections, immigrant ships, statistical accounts of Scotland, telephone directories, and maps.
USA – Link provides an array of online reference resources, though certainly not representative of likely thousands of relevant sites, which cover cultural groups, census, Civil War history, Ellis Island immigration, Social Security Death Index, GEN-Webs, various genealogical/lineage societies, government offices/archives/libraries, research guides and other general resources, for pretty much every state in the Union.
Wales – A small collection of links involving general resources for Wales, census information, registration districts, societies, archives, and GEN-Webs.
Internet Address Search Engines
Infobel – A wonderful collection of links to telephone directories around the world.
InfoSpace – An excellent search internet site for researching your genealogical information.  As their website claims – “Powered by metasearch technology, returns all the best results from leading search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask. . . Because each search engine returns different results, you’ll miss out if you search on just one. When you search on, we look at all the results from each separate search engine and compile the best of the best in one easy place. In the end, you get a list of results more complete than anywhere else on the Web.”
Yellowbook Yellowpages – A great site for business and people searches, including reverse directory searches for North America. Canada-only site here. 
Internet General Search Engines
AltaVista – Another great web search site, including for images.
Excite – As the site claims, “Excite is an Internet portal, and as one of the major "dotcom" "portals" of the 1990s (along with Yahoo!, Lycos and Netscape), it was once one of the most recognized brands on the Internet. Today it offers a variety of services, including search, web-based email, instant messaging, stock quotes, and a customizable user homepage. The content is collated from over 100 different sources.”
Google – A excellent web search site, including maps, images, and language translation capability.
Lycos – A search engine and web portal established in 1994. Lycos also encompasses a network of email, webhosting, social networking, and entertainment websites.  It is particularly good for searching for images, and people.
MSN/Bing – Another good web search engine, though does not cover the scope of sites like Google and Yahoo. Particularly good for news, weather and entertainment.
Yahoo – An excellent web search site, including video, images, news and weather.
Map Links
MAP QUEST, EXPEDIAMAPS, and MAP MACHINE-  Visit your homeland - you can obtain current map information on the homeland of your ancestors by clicking on the map links listed above. This is particularly helpful in locating the towns your ancestors resided in and for planning your vacations and/or research trips.