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Beginning Your Family History - Learn about starting your family history research - the basics and where to begin, the strategies, some important resources available to you, evaluation of your research findings, and refocusing your search and parameters.

Documenting Your Family History - Learn more about documenting your family history, the standards that have been established for genealogical documentation and why, and how to make your history on your family enlightening, and lively. 

Tracing Your Family Tree - A research guide to assist you in initiating your genealogical research, staying focused and remaining on-track with your genealogical investigations. In the guide you will learn developing a research plan, deciding upon what you want to accomplish, understanding the principles for effective search techniques, matching goals to resources to repositories, some basic rules for genealogical research, basic steps to progressing with genealogical research, compiling your basic information, effective letter-writing techniques, and categorization of data types. All important elements to effective genealogical research.                                             
Family Relationship and Consanguinity Chart - Find here a relationship chart of family members and how to determine degrees of consanguinity which refers to the property of being from the same kinship and to what degree they relate to one another. In such a table, each level of consanguinity or generation appears as a row and individuals with the same degree of relationship share the same row. Consanguinity is of relevance to matters of incestuous relationships, marriage, and issues of inheritance. 

Heraldry and Coat of Arms - A brief article that presents some basic information on heraldry and coats of arms, important facets of heraldry, who can use heraldry legally, and some important online heraldry links. 

Hidden Past Unearthed: A Case Study – The Long Deception of Blodwin ‘Winnifred’ Davis – Examine an in-depth ancestral and descendancy case study on the nefarious activities of one female ancestor whose crimes spanned multiple decades, dozens of US States and two countries.  The study reveals the inner workings of some female criminal activity - including fraud, forgery, and bigamy - during the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s of a client’s ancestor and closely reveals her long deception to her family. The case of Blodwin ‘Winnifred’ Davis is the story of a creative woman who fabricated the story of her life from an early age so well that, to this day, it has been extremely difficult to determine who she actually was and what become of her.  She deceived those around her and, some might even suggest, succeeded so very well that in the end she had deceived herself to the point of believing her own stories. 

Standards for Transcribing Monumental Inscriptions - A ground-breaking 1991/2001 Discussion Paper and proposal for standards on transcription of monumental inscriptions. It focuses on discussion of cemeteries and their inscriptions, the interested parties and their objectives, the collection and transcribing of cemetery inscriptions, and the proposal on the recording and archival of cemetery inscriptions.

Surname Origins and History - An article on the types of surnames that exist in the world, their probable origins and some history on those origins.