Senior Management
Brian W. Hutchison
Founding Partner, now President and Chairman
Brian comes from an academic background with over 40 years of related research and management experience. He has done post-graduate work in paralegal studies and Canadian history.

Brian is also a certified management accountant, a past board-certified genealogist, and a heraldist. He has done extensive genealogical and professional course-work.

On top of being distinguished as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (1994) and being awarded Armorial Bearings by the Government of Canada (1994 and 2001), Brian is very active with many local, regional, and international genealogical and heraldic bodies. For these bodies, he has served on numerous committees and board directorships over the course of two decades.

Brian travels extensively for clients and has worked in numerous provincial, state, and regional repositories throughout Canada, the United States, England, Scotland and Ireland. He also has worked frequently at Library and Archives Canada in Ontario and the LDS Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Brian has written a myriad of publications –– treatises on genealogical research issues, genealogical ‘‘how-to’’ manuals, and tomes on established genealogical pedigrees. He is also the past Irish Department Head for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies through the University of Toronto. Long-established in his fields of research, Brian has lectured extensively at many local, regional, and international genealogical seminars and conferences and is long-established in his fields of research. He is a well-known Canadian philanthropist and advocate for genealogical, health, and wildlife causes. 
Denis A. Ostercamp
Vice-President of Finance and Operations
Denis is a 42-year management veteran who contributes daily to the well-being of GEN-FIND.  He began in the psychiatric nursing field, then moved on to public health.

During his career, Denis has honed his skills for managing people, projects, and time. He joined GEN-FIND in 1997 and has since developed additional skills through understanding genealogical research, the genealogical community, and estate case project management.  He has proven himself to be a welcome addition to our firm.

Trevor T. Simpson
Services Department Manager
Trevor is an accomplished information technologist by professional training and has served in the industry for over 20 years. Since 2002, he has been the main man for planning and organizing project work schedules, agents, and staff.

His in-depth genealogical experience involves complex pedigree development, with a strong history of research in a variety of countries. Trevor is particularly adept at organizing cohesive research tactics, strategies, and overall research plans on multiple ongoing projects.