Corporate History
GEN-FIND Research Associates, Inc. began in 1985 in BC, Canada. Our genealogists wanted to promote the public study of genealogy, and to assist those who were already hobby genealogists. The goal was to help people "find their own roots" or missing relatives.

Then in 1989, the firm began venturing into forensic genealogy. During our formative years, our partners decided that we would focus our skills to accomplish four general goals:
• Consult with clients who want another perspective on their research and methods.
• Help all clients develop and expand their genealogical record searches, either for official court use or for family historical collections.
• Deliver expert lectures and quality products on genealogy.
• Provide easy-to-use written and visual presentations concerning researched genealogies.

Over time, our business has changed. We’ve shifted towards matters of estates and probate. We’ve undergone incorporation. We’ve become the leading Canadian full-service firm of genealogists and international record searchers.

Over the course of thousands of regional, national, and international cases, GEN-FIND has established a world-wide presence in genealogical research, and a powerful position in the genealogy market.