Family Lineage Charting & Publishing Fees

Maybe you’ve spent years documenting your family lineage. Maybe you’re just starting to explore. Why not reward your efforts with professional printing and publishing? It’s a concrete way to make something abstract like lineage into something you can hold in your hands.

All Custom Publishing Comes With
• Professional organization, including a table of contents
• Biographical notes in modified register format
• Endnotes for source notation and other documentation
• Detailed pedigree charts
• A surname index

Then, Personalize It
• Illustrations and photographs
• Heraldry and coat-of-arms’
• Migration charts
• Ascendancy and descendancy charts
• Oral history interviews
• Bibliography
• Locale and marriage index
• Notices and forwards suitable for formal publication
• Hard-binding
• Colour production

All Charting and Publishing Comes with FREE Online Data-Processing
Modern genealogy at GEN-FIND takes full advantage of modern technology. And you can, too. Here’s how to do it.
 • Automatically submit names for Latter-day Saints Temple work. Plus, integrate your GEN-FIND charting with your Personal Ancestral File™.
 • Keep your genealogical information neat and organized, digitally. Or, just hold onto the digital files for printing at a later date.
 • Integrate with genealogy programs on your home computer. GEN-FIND offers full compatibility with major current genealogical programs, as well as GEDCOM transfer capabilities.

All charting and word-processing requires advance payment in full, or $500 as an advance retainer, whichever is less. Your product will not ship if you have any outstanding fees.

Different projects will all have different costs, as this is all custom work. Contact GEN-FIND to get your quote, and a personal consultation, today.