Professional Genealogists - Lecture Booking for Seminar Planners

Hosting a seminar? Want a professional genealogy presentation? Book a professional genealogist through GEN-FIND.

Book Any of These Presentation Options
• Single Lectures
• All-Day Seminars (usually four one-hour sessions)
• Multi-Day Conferences

With GEN-FIND, your seminar investment comes with everything you’ll need for a memorable event. All sessions come with handout masters, syllabus notes, and digital or overhead projector visual aids.*

Plus, your guests will have the chance to interact; all sessions end with a question-and-answer segment.
* Audio or visual recording is not permitted.

Schedule Early for the Best Results
Your best bet is to plan your GEN-FIND speaker at least 6 months in advance. We do a lot of travelling, and our research keeps our associates fairly busy.

However, short-notice seminars still can happen. Our Chairman travels extensively for business and client research. That means he might be available for a one-hour session at a local or regional society. Availability depends heavily on the date and the location.

If you’re on short-notice, it’s best to contact GEN-FIND right away.

How to Make It Happen
Below is a short checklist to guide your event planning. This list is meant only as a general guideline for setting up a successful genealogy event with GEN-FIND.

• Confirm your purpose. Ask yourself who, what where, when, and why.
• Document your event specifications. Designate the organizer, the supplier, your attendees, the spacing, the audio-visual requirements, the room set-up, and any food and beverage requirements.
• Create an event profile and venue.
• Develop and confirm your agenda.
• Create event communications for both internal and external use.  
• Finalize your logistics. Make sure everyone knows where they have to be, when they have to be there, and what they need to provide.
• Keep a close eye on your event’s execution, and on running an evaluation afterwards. That way, you’ll know how you can improve next time. 
Problem-Solving Techniques
Genealogical Problem Solving: Professional Techniques for Everyday Success
Documenting Your Roots: Avoiding Perennial Problems of Poor Source Referencing
Preponderance of Evidence Principle: How to Establish a Case When No Documents Seem to Solve the Problem
Genealogical Correspondence: Who, What When, Where, and Why
Tracing Your Ancestor Through Migration Patterns
Who Said I Had to Know Latin! A Summary of Latin for Family Historians & Genealogists
Getting Started With Your Genealogical Research and Staying Organized
Beginner's Genealogy Workshop
Advanced Genealogical Research Techniques and Getting the Most Out of Your      Investigations
Armchair Genealogy: Practising Effective Long-Distance Genealogical Research
Evaluating Your Evidence Along the Road and Avoid Taking the Wrong Path
They Had to Call Us Something-Clues to Family Names
Citing Your Sources and the Standards for Acceptable Genealogical Documentation
"Proof" vs. "Evidence" - Evaluation of Historical Information 
Source Topics
Newspaper Research for the Genealogist: Beyond the Usual
So Uncle Joe was Buried at Sam Hill: Uncovering the Clues Hidden in the Cemetery
The Elusive Ancestor: Using Unused Sources to Locate Your Relative
Using Professionals to Help Bridge the Ancestral Gap
What a Wealth of Information in That Old Will!
A General Overview of Graveyards & Their Full Potential as Sources for Genealogists 
Research Methodologies
Genealogical Research Reports: Tips, Techniques & Standards for Documentation
Twenty-Five Tips in Sixty Minutes
Strategies for Aggressive Genealogical Research & Staying Focused
The Ancestral Trail: Genealogical Problem-Solving Through Case Analysis
Grandma's Gone Hi-Tech: Following Her Paper Trail via Electronic Sources
20th Century Research - Effective Research Strategies for the Advanced Genealogist: The     Forensic Case Study on the Estate of 'Cyril Frank Keel' 
Regional Research Issues
Genealogical Research in Ontario
Genealogical Research in Manitoba
Genealogical Research in Saskatchewan
Genealogical Research in Alberta
Genealogical Research in British Columbia
Genealogical Research in Quebec
Genealogical Research in New Brunswick
Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia
Genealogical Research in Newfoundland & Labrador
Genealogical Research in Prince Edward Island
Genealogical Research in the Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories
An Overview of Advanced Genealogical Research in Scotland
Dear Sheumais: Mother and I Miss You! Scottish Migrations Abroad - Precipitants and Patterns (1500-1900 AD.)
Genealogical Research in Ireland
Civil Registration in Canada & Its Impact on Genealogical Research
Locating and Using Canadian Census Records to Propel Your Research
Lack of Sources in Canada: Using Homestead Records to Extend Your Search Results
The Scottish Clan System - Were My Family Scottish Clansmen?
Adventure, Free Land, Gold! Northwest Migration of Immigrants
Migration Routes of the Fur Traders and Voyageurs
Digging Up the Past: A Review of the Repositories & Available Records in Western Canada

Luncheon-Dinner Addresses
Digging-Up the Past: Serious Study or Unearthing Grandma's Skeletons?
Dear Editor: Excerpts from the Genealogical Mailbag
Gee, Isn't This Going Well: One More Find & I'll Be Back to Noah!
Tales from the Travelling Genealogist - Ah, Salt Lake, It Must Be Thursday!