Family Historians & Genealogists

With GEN-FIND, you can trace your family history as far back as the 17th century in some cases. Predominantly, GEN-FIND works in the 19th century and beyond.

Records can be most easily searched in English-speaking and record-keeping countries. Particular countries of focus are:
• Canada
• United States
• United Kingdom
• Ireland
• Australia
• New Zealand
• South Africa

Through an extensive agent network, GEN-FIND is able to conduct research in Europe, Asia, and South and Central America as well.

What Special Kinds of Family Research can GEN-FIND Undertake?

• Canadian Adoption Research
• Aboriginal Research
• Métis Research
• Acadian Research
• French-Canadian Research
• Locating Lost or Missing relatives
• Genetic Genealogy
Whether it be a commercial or private case, GEN-FIND is qualified to interpret your DNA genealogical test results as part of an entire family history or forensic  research plan. Along with traditional in-depth genealogical research, our research team uses supplemental DNA evidence to help break through genealogical brick-walls, find birth parents, resolve adoption tracings, unravel cases of multiple identities, locate unidentified heirs, and resolve cold case crime files.  Though DNA test results are different between the various genealogical testing companies, we can help you understand and interpret your DNA findings.                       

Is This Your First Time Talking to a Professional Genealogist?

If it is, here are some facts you need to know:
• Many prospective family historian clients do not understand the budget that professional genealogical research requires. Most expert-level genealogy research quotes are measured in thousands of dollars.
• More time spent on a project does not guarantee better results. To give your project the best chance at success, start with as much concise information as possible.Learn more about working with a professional genealogist here.
• Genealogy isn’t rocket science, but it does require patience and persistence. Assembling your family tree or finding your long-lost uncle will not happen overnight, or even over just one month.

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