Why Work with a Professional Genealogist?

Save Time and Money– Drowning in oceans of research? Professional Genealogists will sail through the job faster and easier than if you tried to do it all yourself.
Make Sense of Records– Raw records can tell you a lot, if you know how to read them. Get a professional genealogist to decode it for you. That’s how you get useful results.
Know the Field– With estate and probate cases, it’s easy to miss something. Work with an expert guide, a professional genealogist, to catch all the subtleties of inheritance and probate.

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95-97% success rate, with over 25 years of experience. With matters like estates, probate, and family lineages, thoroughness and reliability should always come first.
Priority service. GEN-FIND places probate and estate-related cases at the front of the line. For a straight-forward case, you could have your first report in as early as one week.
Preliminary evaluations are free. And if you find a better written price for the same quoted service, we will beat that price by 10%.