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When you’re scheduled for a formal hearing to determine heirship, it pays to have top-quality research on-hand. For intestate and probate-related cases, get expert-level document support from GEN-FIND.

Fully-Documented Genealogy, Written in Plain English

Will you have to deal with missing heirs and unknown beneficiaries in the future? Locate all your heirs and beneficiaries today with GEN-FIND.
GEN-FIND will search for heirs and beneficiaries whether or not a will exists, and no matter what the entitlement due.

With missing beneficiary insurance, you’ll need to have ‘due diligence.’ Get protection for an estate’s Executor and the beneficiaries with GEN-FIND’s air-tight documentation on file.
Missing beneficiary insurance underwriters will not give you a quote without a thorough search beforehand. Consider that GEN-FIND has a success rate of 95-97% over 25 years. It doesn’t get much more thorough than that.

Get your estate calculations done right with GEN-FIND’s estate distribution calculation.
Estate calculations are affected by respective laws of intestacy, the place of probate, laws of consanguinity, and found lineage connections. To make sure you’re working with accurate calculations, work with GEN-FIND.

Keep loose ends tied up by involving everyone necessary in estate administration.
Common-law spouses and other claimants can help with the administration of an estate. GEN-FIND can find them, so you can keep them in the loop.

Gather up all relevant documents at your disposal with GEN-FIND’s expertise.
Have documents like civil vital records, church records, divorce records, and other probate and will documents on hand when you need them the most. Document extraction can be as simple as a phone call to GEN-FIND.

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Missing Beneficiary Insurance
Regardless of how diligent a search often is, sometimes some identified heirs or lines of families simply cannot be traced, or the economics of continuing a trace for these lineage branches is simply not viable. In some other occasions, it may be thought that all of the heirs have been found though might be prudent to take out insurance on the off chance that there has possibly been an unrecorded event, such as an illegitimate birth or someone erroneously presumed deceased without the ability of proper documentation.

These occasions would ultimately affect any estate distributions, should these unknown but later proven heirs come forward and make a claim against the estate in the future. Therefore, an insurance policy, often referred to as Missing Beneficiary Insurance, may be needed to cover these potential future claims.

Generally, there is no time limit on claims being made or on the expiry dates for these types of policies, though there is often a limit payable by the insurers in the event of a claim or multiple claims. It might be useful to ensure an ‘escalator clause’ in the policy, whereby the insurers increase the indemnity by a certain percentage each year to provide for cases where significant time has elapsed since the policy was first issued.