Genealogy & Family Tree Search Reporting Samples

Each report includes a comprehensive array of documents which you may download at your convenience. Generally, all documents are hosted online.

• By default, reports are sent once $1,700 has been accrued. You may set this stop-limit to any amount by sending us advance requests in writing.

• Unless you request our Priority Service, initial reports will usually be issued 2 to 4 months after the receipt of your retainer and the initiation of your case work. After that, reports are generally issued every 3 months.

• All forensic work receives Priority Service automatically. Depending on the assignment complexity, reports may be issued anytime between one week to 3 or 4 months.

• Any requests for additional charting and/or word-processing will be undertaken immediately upon receipt, and will be shipped separately.

Summary of research findings to-date. Latest results will be highlighted.
Source details for all records examined. Specific footnotes will indicate positive or negative results, per-source.

Suggestions for further research.
Appendix of exhibits, showing copies of relevant evidentiary documentation.
Summary budget log including, among other things:
  • research hours spent
  • expenses incurred
  • sources searched
  • repositories investigated

Detailed invoice listings. Includes:
  • current fees
  • accumulated expenses
  • period research and reporting hours
  • current invoice balance